Day 00 – Goals and where to start

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Starting the Journey

One day, my coworker asked me If I could design a little circuit for him. Nothing mind-blowing ( a simple rectifier in order to for those who are already familiar with electronics) really, but I ran into trouble. Where should I start with designing it? How does it work again?

Eventhough I passed my Fundamentals in Electricity & Electronics Course quite well, I could barely remember anything from it. Sure, I did understand the circuits GIVEN to me, but designing my own ones?

The same goes with my knowledge in IT – related subjects. I kind of know how e.g Javascript or Python works, but I have never done any real projects with it – only the exercises given to me.

Seeing me struggling with the little „quest“ my coworker gave me, he asked me upfront: „You do not know how to do this, right?“. I have not felt that devastated in ages.

In that moment I made up my mind: I am going to establish a portfolio of written How-to’s and document my learning process during this time.


The purpose of this website is to act like a lexicon full of tutorials on how to make your own electronics and IT projects. I will document weekly what I have been working on and create a hotchpotch of various links from websites with the required knowledge. I am certain that my level of academic writing will not live up to the Internet Standard, therefore I am not going to waste time on explaining the fundamentals but rather providing ressources on where to learn them.

„You are not an engineer after a Bachelor’s or a Master’s. It is not solely a job to look for, it has to become a passion of yours. A real engineer tinkers around with electronics during his downtime and builds so many useless projects just for the sake of it.“

– my coworker, being supportive after he laughed his ass off

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