Day 02 – HTML and Webdesign

Today, I spent an hour to finish the HTML section of the freecodecamp Responsive Web Design. While it was not that hard for me to remember the syntax, I stumbled upon a problem: What does a typical webpage even display? I faintly remember that there is some kind of navigation at the top of a website, and most of them have their terms&conditions displayed in the footer.

Before I am going to start on working on my first project, I need to decide on how the end result should look like!

So instead of jumping right into the CSS Section of the Responsive Web Design Curriculum, I want to take a few days worth of time and learn about the fundamentals of web design.

I want to know what ensures a good „reading flow“ for the user, how I can decide on which colours to choose from for my website and create a checklist to work through.

These Youtube Videos helped me to establish my „Work“ Routine:

Where to start and where to go:

Explains perfectly well in which order one should learn the coding languages required for Web-development.

Fundamentals of Webdesign

While this course offers a paid version, I have decided that those free videos will help me to gain ideas on how to design the Coffeeshop website, and should suffice for now.

Wireframes, Mockup and Design
Learn about Figma

I conclude my homework for today and the next few days:

  • Watch and learn from the Flux Free Web Design Course
  • Learn about Figma
  • Create a simple outline for the coffeeshop website.

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