Day 05 – Deciding on how to continue

When I started the blog, I was not sure on how many times a week I should post my progress. Having only one post a month would equal in a tedious and long breakdown of every activity I did during that time period. This would feel like a chore. Now that I have worked on my first project for a few days now, I have come to an conclusion: While I feel I can manage to study and work on my projects for one or two hours a day, writing an editing a post takes much longer than I predicted at the start of my journey. I do not want to write one simple paragraph a day just to be able to post something – I can keep it short and precise in a post which states my overall progress during a week. That would take immense pressure off my shoulders if I happen not to be able to work on my personal projects during a given day.

In conclusion, I will continute this journal by writing 1 – 2 posts weekly. This will still keep me occupied and will record my process, but I will have more time available for my actual work 🙂 .

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