Week 03 – Summary

Due to the fact that I am currently in the middle of my midterms, I have been studying like crazy. I have not have time to work on my „personal“ projects, but I have learnt a great deal about electronics, signals and coding nonetheless. I just have not found the time yet to summarize what […]

Week 02 – Summary

IT I have focused on two things this week: Creating the Coffeeshop’s Landing Page on Figma Creating a TicTacToe Game in Java. The TicTacToe Game is actually a project I have to code for a collaborative Robot at my university. Because I have to adapt my thinking from high-level languages to the structured text AND […]

Day 05 – Deciding on how to continue

When I started the blog, I was not sure on how many times a week I should post my progress. Having only one post a month would equal in a tedious and long breakdown of every activity I did during that time period. This would feel like a chore. Now that I have worked on […]

Day 04 – Layout Prototype

As for today, I sketched a layout prototype for my software project (the coffeeshop). Most certainly, I will not win any kind of design price, but this will do the job for now! I have also finished the UI /UX video and the Figma Course. However, due to the fact that those two videos combined […]

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Über mich

Hallo, mein Name ist Lillie. Bevor ich 2017 zur Vollzeitmutter und Freiberuflerin wurde, arbeitete ich als Redakteurin bei einer Zeitschrift. Ich verbringe die meiste Zeit mit meinen Kindern und meinem Mann, aber in diesem Blog schreibe ich über meine Leidenschaft für Essen und teile meine Lieblingsgerichte mit euch!

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